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Blog etiquette questions

Mary Tafoya’s post about “blogging what you do” has some good ideas for how to make blogging easy and habitual. I was psyched to see that, as I’m still new to this blogging business, and it feels a bit awkward … My inner critic is constantly telling me that the things I want to write about are dorky or boring (“gosh, Dre — who really cares why you like orange?”). I’m also unsure of how the whole blog culture works.

So rather than continuing to feel awkward & confused, I’m going to throw out some of my “stupid questions about blog etiquette”:

a) I’d like to write about other artists that I find interesting or inspiring. What’s the protocol on this? Is it cool to just write what you like & then drop them a note to say “hey, check out my post about your work”? Or is that a big faux pas? Should I ask permission first?

b) what about pictures? I can see where direct linking/bandwidth theft would be uncool, but what about uploading the pic myself & providing a link to their site encouraging readers to go check out more?

c) thus far, most of the folks on my blog roll are people that I know. I’ve stumbled across a few others that seem cool or interesting, but I’ve hesitated to add them cause I don’t want to come off like some weird scary stalker. Or is that normal in blog world ?

I think that’s most of it. Any answers or ideas are much apreciated!

4 thoughts on “Blog etiquette questions

  1. Drea, I can relate to ALL those questions. I think most artists are psyched to be mentioned. Sometimes if I get enthused I post without contacting them first, and sometimes I do drop them a note afterwards, but sometimes not. If you want to track when someone blogs about you (or the things you like, or whatever), you can have Google notify you. That’s how I found your post! Hehe.

    Blog on GF!

  2. Oh wow, I never played with google notifications before! I just checked it out, and set up alerts for all sorts of interests.

    LOL, it’s either going to be really interesting & fun, or very annoying ;o)

  3. my blogroll is full of people I didn’t know, but whose work I loved/liked…sometimes I leave comments on their blogs and sometimes I just read them…but putting someone on your blogroll is a compliment and nothing at all like stalking!

  4. I’ve posted about other blogs leaving links to them as I think sharing is why we have public blogs to begin with. I also put whomever I like on my blogroll. If I want to post a picture I usually ask as that is more into copyright issues. Start with what you would like other people to do with your blog and you probably won’t have too many problems.

    Welcome to the BJP!

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