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Happy day

Robb’s been on my case lately about being a workaholic (I think that loving my job makes this ok) so I gave in and took a rare day off. It worked out fabulously, as yesterday was a gorgeous day for a road trip! We took a leisurely drive up through the Cascade mountains, stopping at antique stores and art galleries along the way. Many were closed, but we did get to see some cool art, and met some odd and interesting folks while we soaked in the beautiful weather and great scenery.

It was a really nice day, spent with one of my favorite people in the world.
When we got home, I discovered that Imaginestudio included my work in an Etsy treasury :

this is my first time in a treasury, and Imaginestudio does exquisite work, so I was all kinds of flattered and happy. It was a lovely ending to an already sweet day.

2 thoughts on “Happy day

  1. Must have been the kind of weekend we all indulge our husbands. We, too, spared some time for a really long drive up to Elephant Butte Lake where we had not been for a long time.

    Congratulations on being included in that Etsy treasury!

    Kathy V in NM

  2. That’s interesting about your trip to Elephant Butte — another beader friend (Nikia) just wrote about visiting there.

    Thank you — the treasury was a nice surprise.

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