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Masquerade Party Treasury

GoodLookinTreasures was kind enough to include my black and white faerie mask in this gorgeous masquerade treasury (thanks, GoodLookin! ;o) This one features another gorgeous birch bark mask by ladyinthetower and these precious masquerade nesting dolls. Lots of other cool stuff there, so be sure to stop by & take a peek before it’s gone!

It bears mention that I do realize that my last few posts have simply been Etsy treasuries. I hope my readers (if I even have readers?) don’t feel like I’m “copping out” by posting these instead of bigger, wordier posts. I post them because I really do appreciate them, and I want to promote the kind curators and talented artists involved. I also do it to remind myself. It’s a wonderful ego-boo to be included in these, and sometimes I need that. In a way, I’m collecting these treasuries as a reminder, or encouragement to keep on doing what I love.

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