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More Treasuries!


With Halloween around the corner (this Saturday!) more and more people have been including my masks in their treasuries. Last night I was notified of two more. I’m so appreciative, and I wanted to mention them here…
Masquerade, Paper Faces on Parade…

This treasury features a stunning collection of masks and costume wear. I’m always amazed by the way that artists working with the same theme or medium can still produce such diverse works. Among my favorites here include the Grackle mask by Effigymasks (it looks like a character from the Dark Crystal!) and the mermaid mask by Faerywhere.

The curator of this treasury was Spiderlegz . Please take a moment to check out her pottery, which ranges from whimsical to earthy and elegant.
Found using the search term “Wicked”…

This treasury collection is particularly clever -it features items found using the search term wicked. The end result is a truly eclectic collection of strangely cool and unusual things. I typically find at least one or two favorites in every treasury … this time, it’s hard to find anything that I DONT love. Broomchick’s handmade brooms are now on my favorite’s list, along with Mantawave’s shop (responsible for the carraige house photo).

Many thanks to Cindylouwho2 for including my crone mask! Please visit her Etsy shop, which specializes in wirework jewelry featuring natural elements…

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  1. I’m glad you like the Wicked treasury so much! Thanks for posting it here – you are a perfect fit!

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