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Bead Embroidered Holiday Card


I forgot to post this earlier … It’s the image that I used for my Christmas – Solstice – Hanukkah – Kwanza- holiday cards last year. They weren’t mailed till New Year’s Eve (I blame the flu bug that had a death grip on me for most of Dec.) but I know that the recipients felt the love and intent behind them, so I’m okay with that.

At first, I was less than thrilled with my dove (I think she looks a little more like a hummingbird 😉 but now I like her in spite – and because – of her imperfections.  I may even make this an annual tradition .

6 thoughts on “Bead Embroidered Holiday Card

  1. What I love about your dove is her grace… that’s what it’s all about, eh? Beautiful idea and card!!!

    Robin A.

  2. Lovely! I bet your recipients were thrilled to receive a card like that. I know I would have been!

  3. Thank you Robin and Michelle! I appreciate your compliments 🙂

    And Michelle, I’ve received wonderful reviews from the recipients, so I’m very glad that I did it. This pic doesn’t show it, but the actual cards were dusted with ultrafine glitter.

    My goals for next .. er, THIS year’s cards include buying a laser printer, and maybe warning people about the glitter first ;o)

  4. Hello Andrea! Good to meet you! I’m just up the road from you (I-5 north, about 60 miles) and I’m on the first BJP blog.

    I happen to love your dove. I think she’s beautiful. I also love your description of yourself in your profile. It’s what I wanted to say in my own profile but couldn’t, for whatever reason. (About being a magpie.)

  5. Drea, your dove is beautiful! What a great idea to send these for “holiday” cards, I’d have been thrilled to get one even if it was a little late. I might have to borrow your idea for next holiday season 🙂
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and your encouraging words.
    I love how you used the semi circle lines to show the feathering. It is a very neat coincidence between our two. Take Care!

  6. Hi Sue, it’s nice to meet you! I look forward to seeing your BJP unfold throughout the coming year.

    Whytefeather, please do borrow the tradition! By early December, I was already feeling burnt out & stressed out about the holidays. Out of the blue, I received a holiday card from one of my bead customers. I was so blown away that this woman would take the time to think of me and send me a card. That simple act – which cost her 44¢ and a moment of consideration – made my day… And it made me realize that I wanted to do the same for the people that I love. It was a fun way to send a little light to my friends and family.

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