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FP Anyone?


Woot – my work was included in another treasury!

As much as I enjoy it when someone chooses to feature my work, I think that one of my favorite things about these treasuries is simply seeing how (and why) different people make their selections…
 Some of the treasuries that I’ve seen combine items that I’d never imagine together, but they totally work (like this one, which includes items found using the search term “wicked”). Others connect diverse works by using themes or colors.  
This treasury is in the latter group – the curator (Flahwiz) selected items done in soft lavender. I love her choices – the pieces in this collection blend and compliment each other nicely,but they still stand out as separate and unique works.

Thanks Flahwiz!  I really appreciate that you included my work, and I hope this act of consideration comes back to you tenfold.



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  1. Thank You so much for your generosity of sharing your blog page. You are a master in your craft and when I came across your mask I had to add it to my treasury! Michelle

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