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Rainbows and Sunshine…

While my photography skills are (still) in need of improvement, I had fun with this one … adventures with negative space. I’d love to pretend that the little sun shape in the center was an intentional effect, but honestly? I had a small working area, and I was trying to fit as many masks as possible into a tiny space. I was pleasantly surprised with the results, and I may try a do-over at some point when I have better light to work with.
This is the first year that I’ll be making these basic little leather masks available for sale. I used to think that they were too simple to sell as is, but I’ve had many requests from DIY folks so I’ll see what happens.
I usually use these little half masks as bases or building blocks for more elaborate pieces. Sometimes I simply paint them, as you can see with this little rose gold and  tourmaline colored mask. The pattern is a simple free form floral & sunburst design in burgundy and tourmaline green, and it’s been accented with vintage Swarovski crystals. 

Another way that I like to decorate these simpler masks is to embellish them with sculpted leather shapes, like the little flowers shown in this “Skyblossom” mask (my take on a spring sky as seen through the branches of a cherry tree)

My all time favorite use for these masks is as a base for elaborate beadwork. I really hope to find some time to work on a few of these heavily beaded masks this fall. Fortunately, I now have a whole bunch of bases ready and waiting!


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