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Raven Steals the Light

The northwest native tribes have many myths about the raven, and how he brought light to the people. In some variations it’s the sun and in others it’s the moon — this one includes the stars, fresh water and fire too.

Since it’s the summer solstice (the longest and lightest day of the year) and since I love ravens, I made these little raven feather earrings today. The feathers are made of leather, and all of the wire and earwires are sterling. The stones include rainbow obsidian, gray moonstone and rutilated quartz – all of which have fun play of light effects.

2 thoughts on “Raven Steals the Light

  1. So pretty 🙂 I LOVE ravens!

  2. Thanks! They’re very common birds here in the NW. We have an unkindness (a flock) of them that likes to hang out in the trees behind my house, so I’m always listening to their chatter when I work in my studio 🙂

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