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Little Fever

The giveaway that I did with Aquariann was a very positive experience for me. It generated some nice exposure for my Etsy shop, and the comments helped to give me a sense of which items people are drawn to. I really enjoyed participating in this, and will gladly do it again in the future.

photo © Little Fever

The winner of this giveaway is a photographer and jewelry designer with an Etsy shop of her own. Little Fever uses vintage Swarovski components in her jewelry designs — a woman after my own heart! Her photos are also quite lovely — little nature vignettes that make even the simplest of things seem wonderful and amazing. You can see more of her work on Facebook and in her Etsy shop.

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  1. Thank you so much for the lovely blog post! I am so happy to have won the giveaway and will be using the certificate very soon. Sorry for the delayed response, my internet has been on and off for the past week. I will be blogging about this awesome win tonight. 🙂

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