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On a Lighter Note…

This piece by Carapace has been making me grin all week. I suppose that means that I need to buy it. The painting is precious, and I love the description too:

© Carapace –

Flower fairies get all the attention when humans start looking for nature’s decorators. But somebody has to paint the deserts, and detail the scorpion. Somebody has to bead the lizards.

Lizards at least are fairly patient if unappreciative customers. And she actually enjoys imposing beauty over their sullen disinterest. But it does irritate her when people overlook the intricate patterns of her reptiles to coo over yet another watercolor sunset. Yes, yes, very nice purple. Look at the lizard!

Okay, I’ve decided — this one is mine; but if you’d like one of her other fantasy prints please check out her shop.

2 thoughts on “On a Lighter Note…

  1. Eee, I’m blushing! I should probably be mercenary here and point out that since it IS a print, I can make more, if anyone wants one. Ahem.

    But I’m so happy to be sending one YOUR way! Thank you!

  2. LOL, I suppose was being a tad possessive there(mine, mine, all mine!).

    That’s a good point though — and probably an important one, since all three of my readers are beadworkers who might also be drawn to this particular print.

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