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SkinzNhydez Studio Campaign

Steampunk Gear © SkinzNhydes Wearable Art

Ian of SkinzNhydes Wearable Art is running an Indigogo campaign to try and generate enough funds to secure a studio space. He creates amazing steampunk leather gear, and he’s currently doing this out of his small apartment living room. That has got to be tough!

For a frame of reference, I have a small 10×10 studio, plus we’ve turned our dining room (and much of the living room) into bead storage. Even with “all the space” (haha) that my fabulous and indulgent family has granted me, I still lament the fact that I NEED MORE SPACE! In my case, a workshop the size of a two car garage — or larger — would be ideal. That may sound crazy, but keep in mind that I am not a hobbyist. This is a full time business and my sole source of income. In order to keep it running smoothly, I need space to store my 25+ year collection of inventory and supplies. I also need viable workspace, a small area for photography and a packing/shipping area. If I had more room, I’d also invest in tools and machinery that I simply can’t store in the space that I have. There’s also the fact that art is messy; if I had more space — and specifically, a space where it’s okay to make a mess — I’d explore airbrushing and a few other ideas that I just can’t try in my living room or studio.

Steampunk Spider Bracer © SkinzNhydes

And I didn’t mean to make this about me … I’m just trying to paint a picture here of what it looks like for an independent artist, so that you get an idea of why a dedicated space is such a big deal. It is really challenging to run a business or to enhance your skills when you don’t have the room to do so. Luckily for me, I do have some space, and will hopefully gain a bit more when we move in a few months. I can’t imagine trying to do this type of work in a small space that doubles as a living room. This fellow has talent, and it would be so cool to see him get a chance to really run with it. His campaign runs through mid June, and he’s offering some great perks and incentives to contributors. Please go check out the campaign, and consider donating a buck or two (or more if you’ve got it ;). Or, buy something from his Etsy shop — you’ll get an original work, and you’ll be helping an independent artist to grow his business and expand his skills.

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