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Happy Pollinator Week!

pollinator-weekJune 15th – 21st, 2015 is National Pollinator Week!

As an avid gardener and wildlife enthusiast, I have a special love for our pollinator species which include bees, birds, butterflies and bats. These creatures are not only beautiful, they’re important. It is said that one in three bites of human food and drink are available because of pollinators. So while these beings are small, they actually play a huge role in human food production! Sadly, our pollinator species are declining – but there are a few things that we can do to help keep them around.

For example, I plant flowers that will attract pollinators, and I try to employ sustainable gardening practices. My respect for these creatures is often reflected in my creative work as well, which you can see from the little photo montage included with this post. The necklace and bracelet shown in that photo are from my “Pollinator Prayer” series. Each piece is unique, created with a little prayer for their survival. The intent is to celebrate our pollinators and also to educate others about their plight.

I’ll be transplanting more sunflowers out in the garden this week, and doing counts for The Great Sunflower Project. Will you consider joining me in this effort? If you don’t want to plant sunflowers or count bees, you can plant milkweed for the monarchsprovide a water source for bats, build a bug house, make a donation to the Xerces Society, or even simply stop using neonicotinoids (such as “Round Up”) in your garden. Please consider taking one small action this week to help ensure the survival of our pollinator species.


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