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2019 Winter Sale

2019 winter sale

The annual winter sale has begun!

It’s traditional for many companies to do an annual clearance sale after the first of the year, but I prefer to do so now. This offers my followers an opportunity to get a great price on gifts, and it helps me to clear space in my mind and studio for new work in the year ahead. With that being said, select items have been marked down, through the end of December.

Many jewelry items have been marked down by 20%, along with quite a few hair accessories. Also,  ALL costume items have been reduced by 25%! This a substantial savings, and I’ll forewarn everyone that I do not plan to focus much on costumery in the year ahead. So if you’ve been thinking about getting on of my masks, wings or crowns, now’s a good time to do so!

Thank you for choosing to give meaningful gifts this holiday season, by buying handmade. Thank you for supporting my small business (not to mention, my family and my dreams!).

Wishing you a holiday season filled with wonder, love and laughter.

~ Andrea

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