Jewelry Design

My beading adventures began in 1980, when I was gifted with a small sandwich baggie of mixed seed beads. I got a lot of mileage out of that little bag of beads! I taught myself slowly, and gradually progressed from simple stringing to more elaborate beadweaving techniques.

As a kid, my dad would take me to Pow Wows, where I was exposed to many talented and generous beadworkers. In my teen years, I found the Grateful Dead scene – a community of misfits, dreamers, artists and beaders who taught me that I could fuel my adventures by selling beads and beadwork. The artists in both of these communities were gracious in sharing their knowledge and supplies, and in teaching me that it was possible to support myself via my craft. I’m very thankful for their guidance and encouragement.

Decades later, I still love beadwork — both the process and product are tactile, versatile and meditative. Some of my favorite techniques include bead embroidery, peyote stitch and netting. My work blends natural materials like gemstones and leather along with vintage glass cabochons, antique microbeads and sew-ons from the turn of the century. Favorite themes include nature, myth and fantasy. I love creating these works, and hope this shines through in a way that others can connect with and enjoy.

Fellow bead addicts – please visit my supply site, Treefrog Beads!