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A Blast From the Past

Cleared out an old file cabinet over the weekend, and found these old scans (yes, scans!) of my barrettes and bags from the mid – late 90’s! It tickled me to notice how much my style has changed over time, as well as what’s remained constant. I’m still working in beads, leather and gemstones. And I’m still in love with color and nature.

It’s been ages since I’ve done those fringed buckskin bags and bead embroidered animals. I’ve been thinking about how to circle back on both styles, so it was great timing to find these pics now. I’d love to recycle some of these elements in to my current style.

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2020 Postal Delays…

Friends, USPS saw an unprecedented volume of holiday shipments this year. As such, things have gone a bit sideways and many deliveries are delayed.

If you ordered from me this season, please trust that I work very hard to ensure safe packaging and quick shipping. Moreover, I’m signed up for tracking updates for every single package that is still in transit. I’m monitoring deliveries and rooting for Christmas miracles – which is all that I can do at this point.

For what it’s worth, USPS are working double time to get back on track. It does seem to be helping. I receive a text notification every time one of my shipments is scanned. Right now, my phone is dinging constantly! Each ding brings a bit of hope. I’m a modern day George Bailey – but instead of bells and angel wings, it’s texts and deliveries. Every time a text dings, a customer gets their things! (sorry – that was bad)

On Sunday night, I had 31 “stuck” packages. This morning, 14 remain. That’s progress, and we still have a couple of days. So I’m holding on to hope that every gift – including my mom’s – will miraculously make it on time.

Failing that, please consider printing out a photo of your purchase and wrapping it up. Let the recipient know that you took the time to choose something special for them. Tell them why you support small businesses and the real people behind them. Explain to your loved ones that you want to give them something meaningful and handmade.

I hope that doesn’t sound trite. The disappointment is real, and I’m not making light of that. It sucks, just like the rest of 2020 – but I have no control over the USPS, and neither do you. So take a deep breath, and stay focused on the love and intention behind your gift. In the big picture, that’s what really matters. 

Worst case scenario, we may be opening presents well in to January. That’s nothing, compared to everything else that we’ve survived this year. Hold fast, my friends!

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Winter Shop Drop

Worm Moon beaded necklace

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Whether you celebrated via zoom or in person, I hope your day was filled with good love and good eats.

Since today is Small Business Saturday, it seems a good time to launch a little holiday sale! From November 28th – December 1st, use the coupon code HOLIDAY2020 to enjoy 10% off all orders of $50+.

To kick off the sale, I’ve added a few jewelry items to the site – click here to see what’s new.

Thanks so much, and have a great weekend!

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2020 Holiday Shipping Dates

Friends, please don’t leave your holiday shopping to the last minute! COVID-19 has caused shipping delays world wide, and like everything else in 2020, the post office is running a bit slower than usual.

Please see my suggested “send by” dates and if possible, consider ordering early this year!

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Last Minute Costume

leather dragon crown

This funky purple dragon crown is available now sold. The eye is a vintage glass cabochon, with gorgeous color shift that moves from violet to indigo. Behind it is a panel of Venetian lace.

This piece has been added to my site, along with a small handful of fabulous last minute costume accessories. Click here to see them.

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Restocking Earrings

Spent last week restocking earrings that have sold out. I’ve (finally!) replenished all of these offerings from last fall … and then some. There are lots of leaf motifs to welcome autumn, and a few newbies too.

I still need to add a few tweaks and details, but it feels like a tiny bit of progress. Crossing fingers that I’ll be able to cobble together a small shop update soon. On that note, please let me know if there are any past designs you’d like to see again!

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Celebrate Your People

leather raven headdress

We’ve been social distancing since early March. Honestly, this has not been much of a stretch for me. I’m an introverted artist who works from my home studio at the edge of the woods. Social distancing is kind of my natural state.

Still, I miss my family and friends. A LOT. I miss hugs and road trips, live music, and making travel plans. Not looking for a pity party – I know that I’m not unique in this. Still, I’m missing my people pretty hard. 

With that said, for the next – however long I feel like it – I’m going to devote weekly social media posts to celebrating the folks who bolster my heart. This includes family, friends, and customers, too. All the freaky people who inspire me, make me laugh, or empower me to keep chasing my dreams.

First up is my beautiful daughter, who I miss with every ounce of my heart. For the last several years, she’s been living on the other side of the world. The distance is trying in the best of times, and exponentially so with today’s uncertainty.

Here she is modeling one of my costume headpieces, probably 6 or 7 years ago. I really miss when she was close enough that I could still beg her to come model silly hats for me. I miss her brilliant mind, her dorky laugh, and her (surprisingly good) vegan cooking.

If you’re so inclined, I’d ask you to please send a little prayer her way. A kind thought, a good vibe – whatever you’ve got. I’ll be over here, hoping for you and your loved ones too. May we all return to laughing, hugging, dancing and road tripping real soon.

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Leather Masks Revisted

red leather mask

In December of 2019, I put all of my leather masks and costume items on sale with the intention of liquidating my inventory. When the sale (and the year) ended, I chose a few pieces for my collection. The remainder was donated to charity, with the intention of starting fresh in 2020.

I expected to start the new decade with a brand new look and a brand new direction … with masks being much less of a focus. In retrospect, 2020 is probably not the year to stop making masks! With that being said, I’ve pulled a few pieces that I set aside for my own collection, and added them back to the site. You can find them here.

Over the last week or so, I’ve begun playing around in the studio again. In doing so, I came across a handful of special costume pieces that were not completed in time for Halloween 2019. Rather than letting them languish down there unloved, I’ve decided to finish them in time for Halloween 2020. I’m not going to make myself crazy with “production” work this year – but I do hope to finish a few of these special designs. These will be added to the site over the next couple of months, as they’re completed.

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Birch Leaf Hair Slide Review

birch leaf hair slide

“I am completely obsessed with the olive birch leaf hair slide! It is extremely well made and sturdy enough to hold 3ft worth of thick hair. The packaging was carefully and thoughtfully done. I will absolutely be purchasing more of these! If you are thinking about ordering, you will not be disappointed! Thank you!!!”

^This sweet review  made me smile. It means so much to see that people are enjoying my work!

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Crystals and Gemstones?

quartz crystals and flowers

I’m thinking of adding a small selection of crystals and gemstones to the shop. My creative energy has been going to my garden lately, so my studio has been rather quiet.  With that said, this could be a fun addition while my muse rests and regroups. Let me know if there are special stones or shapes you’d like to see!