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More Treasuries!


With Halloween around the corner (this Saturday!) more and more people have been including my masks in their treasuries. Last night I was notified of two more. I’m so appreciative, and I wanted to mention them here…
Masquerade, Paper Faces on Parade…

This treasury features a stunning collection of masks and costume wear. I’m always amazed by the way that artists working with the same theme or medium can still produce such diverse works. Among my favorites here include the Grackle mask by Effigymasks (it looks like a character from the Dark Crystal!) and the mermaid mask by Faerywhere.

The curator of this treasury was Spiderlegz . Please take a moment to check out her pottery, which ranges from whimsical to earthy and elegant.
Found using the search term “Wicked”…

This treasury collection is particularly clever -it features items found using the search term wicked. The end result is a truly eclectic collection of strangely cool and unusual things. I typically find at least one or two favorites in every treasury … this time, it’s hard to find anything that I DONT love. Broomchick’s handmade brooms are now on my favorite’s list, along with Mantawave’s shop (responsible for the carraige house photo).

Many thanks to Cindylouwho2 for including my crone mask! Please visit her Etsy shop, which specializes in wirework jewelry featuring natural elements…

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Masquerade Party Treasury

GoodLookinTreasures was kind enough to include my black and white faerie mask in this gorgeous masquerade treasury (thanks, GoodLookin! ;o) This one features another gorgeous birch bark mask by ladyinthetower and these precious masquerade nesting dolls. Lots of other cool stuff there, so be sure to stop by & take a peek before it’s gone!

It bears mention that I do realize that my last few posts have simply been Etsy treasuries. I hope my readers (if I even have readers?) don’t feel like I’m “copping out” by posting these instead of bigger, wordier posts. I post them because I really do appreciate them, and I want to promote the kind curators and talented artists involved. I also do it to remind myself. It’s a wonderful ego-boo to be included in these, and sometimes I need that. In a way, I’m collecting these treasuries as a reminder, or encouragement to keep on doing what I love.

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MASKerade Party Treasury on Etsy

I’m always honored when someone includes my work in an Etsy treasury … and I’m especially thrilled with this one. The curator ( folkartbydonna ) has such a great eye!

All of the choices are whimsical, wonderful and inspiring. Check out that awesome birch bark mask, or the adorable Buho mask by ccaspia. I also fell in love with this Black Crow Farm print by the curator, Donna Atkins.

Once again, some really great stuff. I’m grateful to have my work included alongside these other artists. I say this every time, but it’s true — these treasuries always brighten my day 🙂


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Green Vert Treasury on Etsy

Many thanks to SilverCollection for including my Spriteling mask in your beautiful treasury today!

There’s lots to love in this treasury — that gorgeous photo of the light through the trees, the dish with the lotus on it (this artist, yogagoat, makes awesome mugs, too!), the wallhanging, and green apple soap that I can practically smell.

Such a wonderful treat to wake up to 🙂

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Mask Ball Treasury on Etsy :)

I opened an Etsy account a while back, hoping it would be a positive place to share my artwork … but between going back to school, and trying to get my bead business situated, I was never able to devote much energy to that shop. Instead, I found myself focused on family, school, and selling beads.

I was able to direct a little bit of energy into my Etsy supply shop , which was enough to give me a sense of the Etsy community. It’s so much more affordable and enjoyable than that other place! There are some incredibly talented artists, and people are generally supportive and friendly. I love being able to see the beautiful things that people create with the beads that I sell, and I really wanted to showcase some of my own work there, too.

Since summer rolled around, I’ve managed to carve out a bit more studio time (go me!). Over the weekend I photographed and listed a few things in my long neglected art shop. Lo and behold, someone spotted one of my masks and included it in their treasury, “A Mask Ball

Thank you, Ametista! I’m so flattered, and it really encourages me to complete and list more pieces. You made my day 🙂

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Happy day

Robb’s been on my case lately about being a workaholic (I think that loving my job makes this ok) so I gave in and took a rare day off. It worked out fabulously, as yesterday was a gorgeous day for a road trip! We took a leisurely drive up through the Cascade mountains, stopping at antique stores and art galleries along the way. Many were closed, but we did get to see some cool art, and met some odd and interesting folks while we soaked in the beautiful weather and great scenery.

It was a really nice day, spent with one of my favorite people in the world.
When we got home, I discovered that Imaginestudio included my work in an Etsy treasury :

this is my first time in a treasury, and Imaginestudio does exquisite work, so I was all kinds of flattered and happy. It was a lovely ending to an already sweet day.
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Etsy mood ring

Ok, who was it that turned me on to Etsy? I’m not sure if I should thank you, or yell at you — cause I sure am spending a lot of time there lately! I’m delighted to find gorgeous work, quality supplies, a supportive network of creative people, and a green vibe that really appeals to me.

I opened an account awhile back, and have been trying to get a feel for the place from a buyer’s perspective. Gonna try my hand at selling soon (wish me luck! 🙂 — just need to polish off a few things first.

In the meantime, I’m just shopping (ok, mostly window shopping) and accumulating a ton of “favorites”. In doing so, I noticed that the things I’m drawn to can be sort of a barometer for my moods. The grouping below is from the last few days, and all of the items have similar hues. The stuff from the week before is all seafoam-y and mauve … kinda neat!