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Fast times…

Life is moving at high velocity this week; things are going well, it’s just very very busy. School projects, show dates, family visiting — and most importantly, my daughter’s graduation!! I’m so proud of her, and I really want her celebration to be special. To that end, I just might be making myself a little nuts…

Despite the kinetic pace, I’ve been able to get a bit of creative work in. I’m playing with a new style of hair wear — funky beaded and feathered leather hair forks (say that 10 times fast! 😉 as well as a handful of other new hair toys that I hope to unveil soon. My dream goal is to get to the point where I have something for all hair types.

I’ve also been getting a bit more beading time in, which is something that I’ve really needed. As much as I love mask making (and leatherwork in general), beadwork satisfies me on an entirely different level. Even my most elaborate leather pieces work up quickly compared to beadwork. With my crazy schedule, I don’t get nearly as much studio time as I’d like, and it’s so gratifying to be able to actually complete something. If you’ve ever done beadwork, you know that it just doesn’t give you that kind of instant gratification! It’s a very slooow art form — but also very soothing and very meditative. Maybe that’s why I’m so drawn to it right now? Maybe it’s what my heart needs in order to find a little stillness in the midst of all the movement in my life.

My other big creative project lately has been to finish off the website overhaul. Go check it out! I still have a few more tweaks to make, and plenty of content to add … but I’m pleased to finally have the basic framework up there 🙂

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California I’m Coming Home…

“Day of the Deadheads” Calavera Mask

Hopping on a plane tomorrow to go visit one of my oldest friends down in southern California. Kim and her daughter are crafty too — Kim makes beaded jewelry and really cool wine bottle decor, and Alli does a little bit of everything (poly clay, gourds, henna, soap making) — so we’re going to share a booth at one of the local festivalson Mother’s Day weekend. The show is called “Dead on the Mountain” and it’s a great big hippie fest with tons of Grateful Dead cover/inspired bands.

I’ve been beading a lot the past week or two, which is a nice change of pace since I’ve been so focused on leatherwork for the last several months. So I’ll have plenty of beaded jewelry for this event, as well as a good selection of leather barrettes, fascinators and hair slides. Not sure how well the masks will do, but I’m bringing a bunch for good measure. Hopefully, we’ll do well there as I’d love to have a reason to visit more often. I miss the sunshine, the redwoods, the ocean and mostly, my peeps. I’m very excited for a chance to see them!

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A peacock, proper…

These leather peacock feathers are destined to become pins, fascinators and barrettes. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll add bead and/or feather work. I’ll probably try a few that way, and leave the rest plain — insomuch as a peacock feather of any type could ever be considered “plain”.

This series was inspired by the passing of an old friend, whose symbol was a peacock. I made several to give to her friends and loved ones, and the ones pictured here will (eventually) be finished and sold. A portion of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance  in memory of Mahala.

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“May Weather” and “Whispers in the Woods”


Yesterday I learned that one of my masks was included in this “May Weather” treasury. I love the balance of soft grays and blues in this one, and the selections are wonderful. A few of the items that really grabbed my eye are the Irish proverb calligraphy book by Cindyyount, these beautiful letterpress printed coasters from FullCirclePress, and this photocard set featuring blossoming trees by JulieWebb.

This treasury was curated by Ranzangel, who creates “fine art and funky craft”. Her work is joyful, colorful and generally awesome. She’s got everything from whimsical jewelry to trippy polymer clay sculptures to paintings. Please take a moment to check it out!

Annnd, last night I got inspired to curate a treasury too! I’ve never tried this before, so it was pretty fun (and a wee bit frustrating) to learn how it’s done. My selections were quite varied, so it was difficult to think of a name that would “fit” with everything, but I settled on “Whispers in the Woods” because each of these images looks as though it belongs in a quiet forest. The only exception to that woodsy theme is this “Calm Cup” by AdrienArt – which is evocative of the way that I feel after a good walk in the woods.

I featured a few faeries – like this gorgeous print by RenaeLeaTaylor – and several birds, including this stellar print of ravens and a tree spirit by TommyDaceos. There are also a couple of beautiful butterfly themed pieces, and a liberal dose of trees, leaves and branches.

I enjoyed putting this together, and I may try it again in the future since I dig the whole treasury thing so much. They’re such beautiful and interesting collections, and it’s also a fun and simple way for artists to support and encourage one another.

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Spring things…


Ok, I admit it … I am a bad blogger. I try, but as I mentioned at the end of last year, when I’m in school it can be pretty tough to find the time to post here. Spring quarter began a few weeks ago, as evidenced by the tumbleweeds blowing through this blog. On the plus side, I am taking fewer classes this time around. Last quarter I took a very full course load, and while I really enjoyed the classes, I found that it put quite a damper on my creative time. I also realized that my creative time is necessary, not only for my business, but for my sanity. So, a moderate course load should afford me more time to focus on being creative, gearing up for the upcoming show/festival season, and maybe even listing a few things on Etsy again.

Speaking of which, I got an Etsy convo yesterday letting me know that one of my little leaf barrettes has been featured in this sweet little “Leaf” treasury, which was curated by
NutfieldWeaver. It’s a precious reminder of spring, and the beauty of simple things. Look at how many artists were inspired by the quiet beauty of leaves!

There are lots of great items in this treasury, but a couple of my personal favorites include this goat’s milk maple leaf soap which was made by Lost River Rags, as well as this stone ware oak leaf trio from Lynn Cardwell Pottery. I’m inspired by this collection of goodies, and I’m always thrilled when my work is included in a treasury … makes me feel like maybe I’m doing something right, and I oughta keep trying ;o)

Thank you NutfieldWeaver, for including my little leaf barrette in your beautiful treasury! I have a lot of fun making these hairsticks, and having them noticed like this makes me want to take advantage of my new found studio time, and make a few more!

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Talent in Turquoise!


I’m writing on the fly here … but I wanted to mention two things:

Thing one: the Etsy rain treasury that I posted about yesterday? It made the front page! Maybe it’s a little silly, but I was excited/happy about it 🙂

Thing two: I found out that my beadwork was featured in another treasury today. This treasury features a gorgeous collection of seedbead work and polyclay in turquoise hues.

Thank you, Dreambeadweaver for including my barrette in this beautiful collection! 🙂

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Hooray for the barter system!

Thought I’d share the results of a recent trade with woodworker,
Morgan Reed. This group of handcrafted hairsticks includes osage orange, zebra wood, tulip wood, purple heart and padouk. They’re well crafted, and elegant in their simplicity.

When I saw her work, I knew that these would be perfect for some barrette ideas that I want to play with. I’ve used imported sticks in the past, and I love the idea of incorporating something handcrafted and unique instead. It’ll be a few months before I can start (from now through November, my world is all about masks) but I have several ideas that I’m excited to explore when I’m able, as well as a few older designs that I’d love to revisit.

For now, they’ve got a prominent spot in my studio where I can admire (and be inspired by) them. Three cheers for the barter system! 🙂