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Red Rose Hair Slide Photos & Review

A client shared these gorgeous photos over the weekend, along with this stellar review:

“I have a LOT of hair. Because of this, it’s really difficult for me to find a hair slide that does the job and does it durably. The ones that Andrea makes at Beadmask are my go-to when I need something pretty that will also hold up all day. I have been able to use these hair-slides for all-day style without hair gels or sprays. Most other hair accessories I’ve tried break under the tension, or cause my bun to collapse. Not so with Beadmask! I recommend the longer sticks for long hair like mine.” 

My heartfelt thanks to  @thegurlwhodoesboth (model) and  @andrewjosiah206 (photographer)  for sharing these wonderful images & review of my red rose hair slides!

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Show me your hair toys!

Purple Peacock Fan Barrette © 2011-2014 Andrea Adams
Purple Peacock Fan Barrette

I love happy customer photos! In part because it really, really does my heart good to see people out there enjoying my work … and in part because it enables me to show people what my pieces look like when they’re being worn. Right now, I am sorely in need of photos of my hair accessories in action; if you’ve purchased one of my hair toys, might I trouble you for a picture? Better yet, can you send me a photo AND fill out the brief questionnaire below? I’d be ever so grateful!

As many of my long standing customers know, when you share your customer photos with me, I offer a 10% discount off your next order*. This is a standing policy, and it applies to all of my wearable art products (hair accessories, jewelry, costumes). Just to sweeten the deal, if you send a photo of your Beadmask hair accessory in action AND fill out the questionnaire, I will even up that to 15%!!

There are two small caveats to this offer ~ the first is that your discount can only be used for ready made/in stock items (no custom work), and the second is that the photo must be of a hair accessory that I made (this may seem obvious, but just trust me that it’s worth clarifying!). That’s pretty simple – and hopefully pretty fair, right? Now show me your hair toys!


Hair Slide Questionnaire
  • Please describe the hair slide that you purchased from me, including the hole spacing if known. If you purchased from my Etsy shop, you can simply link to the transaction.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif.
    Please include a photo showing how YOU use your Beadmask hairslide 🙂
  • Please feel free to share any additional ideas or information that you think might be helpful

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Ringing in the new

bald eagle in flight © Talia Rose 2014
My husband and I welcomed in the New Year by renting a cabin along the Skagit River, where the bald eagles enjoy a feeding frenzy this time of year. From there, we traveled north to the Nooksack River, where we saw at least 25 eagles just in one little stand of trees. Panning out from that same spot, there were literally hundreds of eagles along the river and tree line.

My talented friend Talia and her family headed up soon after, and she was able to get some spectacular photos! Check ’em out, and give her page a like while you’re there J
bald eagles along the Nooksack River © Talia Rose 2014
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More Wednesday Inspiration

© Jeff Wood 2013

Not sure if I’ll make this a regular thing again, but today I feel like sharing a random  assortment of art that has inspired me recently:

This spectacular concert poster was created by Jeff Wood of  Zen Mystic Studio. I’m so taken with the imagery, the colors, the details and just the feeling that comes through in this piece.As an aside, when I went to his site to see more of his work, this blog post was the first thing I saw. Without going in to too much boring detail, it was one of those crazy synchronistic experiences for me, where you stumble upon exactly the right words and ideas at exactly the right moment. It probably doesn’t hurt that he quoted Henry Rollins and Hunter S. Thompson in the aforementioned post. Between his art and his ideas, I am definitely appreciating this artist today.

Mendocino/Humbolt county line photo © Talia Rose 2013

Another person who is inspiring me right now is my friend Talia. In truth, she always inspires me and for more reasons than I could possibly list; but one specific reason that I’ll share with you here is her wildlife photography. I’ve shared a few of her photos on my blog before, as they’re always amazing. Recently her work, her skill and her passion for it seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. It’s incredible to watch! She has created a facebook page called “County Line Wild” if you’d like to see more.

© Mat Enloe 2012

The beadwork to the right was created by my new friend, Mat Enloe (AKA “The Beadman of Santa Cruz”). He creates amazingly intricate and impressively large bead embroidered works. I chose this image because the fact that he is holding it helps to give a sense of scale; however, he has several equally amazing pieces in his facebook photo gallery.

His images are set to public, and I did get his permission to share them 🙂

“Fire on the Mountain” © Raina Gentry 2013

Last but not least is a new (newer?) piece by Raina Gentry. Her work just speaks to me, and I especially love the vibrant colors in this one.

Interestingly enough, I wrote about her work last year in one of my very first “Inspiration Wednesday” posts. Talia’s work was featured in another such post. Maybe that’s an indicator that it’s worthwhile to pay attention and follow the work of those that inspire you … as they may continue to do so 🙂

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Beauty and Death shoot

photo © Michelle Masso

Michelle did this shoot in February or March, but I just realized that I never shared any of the images here! She had the concept for this last year, but it took a few months for the various participants and contributors to bring it all together. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with her, and this is one of my favorite shoots so far.

The set was an old civil war graveyard. When she contacted me with the idea, she was a bit worried that it might be “too dark” for me, but I think it’s perfect. The photo to the right is one of my favorites — I love the faded look, and the subtle damask pattern in the background that echoes the pattern on her dress as well as the pattern on the headstone. 
photo © Michelle Masso
It’s been a lot of fun collaborating on these shoots. I love her aesthetic as well as her imaginative approach. I also love that it challenges me to work on more intensive pieces. This collar for example — it may look simple, but it’s very detailed and it reflects countless hours of work. It incorporates a series of 1960’s era cabochons and cameos, along with a huge assortment of unusual vintage French jet sew-ons from the late 1800’s. These beads were traditionally used in Victorian mourning jewelry and garments, and I hoped to capture that feel with this piece.

If you’d like to see more images from this shoot, you can check them out on my facebook fan page. While you’re there, consider “liking” the page, so that you can keep up with our future collaborations.

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Dryad Shoot

Photo © Michelle Masso 

This is one of my favorite photos from a recent “Dryad” themed shoot with the fabulous Michelle Masso, of Kramer Studios. The model is wearing one of my leather headdresses, along with a pair of my sculpted leather wings. If you’d like to see more, please hop on over to my facebook fan page to view the full album!