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Thinking Green…

In our household, we try to think green. We recycle as much as possible, minimize our use of plastic bags, and we choose eco-friendly products when they’re available. What does this have to do with beads? Well, I’d like to be able to apply these same values to my craft — but as most beadworkers know, beads and plastic are pretty darn connected.

If you use or collect beads, your world is probably brimming with plastic baggies, plastic vials, plastic flip top boxes, plastic tackle boxes and more. It may not seem like much, but it all adds up. Honestly, I’m appalled by how many ziplock baggies I use for my little bead business! I’ve tried to think of alternatives, but it’s challenging because beaders obviously need some kind of storage. And, most bead
enthusuasts end up collecting so many types of beads that see through packaging is a must. In addition, plastic has become an industry norm — would I lose customers if I moved to a different type of packaging?

I could go on and on, but I won’t because Beki Haley from Out on a Whim has already written an eloquent and thoughtful post on the subject on her blog. I encourage you to head on over and check it out. I suspect that she and I are not the only ones who’ve considered this. It would be great to see some discussion on this topic, and to hear other people’s tricks and ideas for “green” beading practices!

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Studio overhaul, take 52

This weekend’s big project has been to give my studio a much needed overhaul — again. It’s a familiar dance, we do it every 6 months or so. The beads start threatening to take over the house, and we high-tail it to the hardware store in search of new ways to corral them.

Our condo has great space for a family of 3 — but we need space for a family, an art studio AND a bead business. Moving is not an option for at least a few more years, so we’ve learned to be creative & maximize our space as best we can. Thankfully, my family is very indulgent 😉

This makeover will provide a third work table — devoted exclusively to packing & photography — and lots more shelving (“More shelving!” is like, my battle cry). I’m so excited by the prospect of being able to see my desk again! Maybe I’ll even post some pics when we’re done.