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Walking With Our Sisters

I will be making a pair of vamps for this very special project, and I’d like to encourage my fellow beadworkers to do the same. You can learn more about how to participate by visiting their facebook group page. 
‘”Walking With Our Sisters” A Commemorative Art Installation for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women of Canada and the United States.
Although statistics in the U.S. are not available at present, In Canada, it is estimated that 600+ native women have gone missing or have been murdered in the last 20 years. Many have vanished without a trace with little to no concern paid by the media, the general public or politicians. This is a travesty of justice.
600+ moccasin tops are being created by hundreds of caring and concerned people to create one large collaborative art piece that will be installed for the public in various galleries and sites. They will be installed in a winding path of beaded vamps on cloth over a gallery floor. Viewers would need to remove their shoes to walk over the cloth and walk along the path.
The exhibit is currently booked to tour across Canada and perhaps into the United States.
This project is about these women, paying respect to their lives and existence on this earth. They are not forgotten. They are sisters, mothers, daughters, cousins, grandmothers. They have been cared for, they have been loved, and they are missing.’
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Beltane Beauties

The Fantasy Artists of Etsy Team has just posted their newest exhibition, entitled “Beltane Beauties”. These bi-monthly exhibitions showcase members’ work. A theme is chosen, and members submit applicable creations to be included. The results are always interesting because it’s such a diverse group of artisans.

As you can see from the screen cap to the right, it includes costume accessories, fantasy art prints, handcrafted jewelry, and much, much more. Please visit the FAEteam’s website to view the full collection!

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On Originality

A gorgeous and original hair flower © Mermaiden Creations

This incredibly apt comment came to me via my friend Julie of Mermaiden Creations:
“When you create something original you give birth to an idea and then nurture that idea until it’s mature enough to send into the world. If you copy someone else, you’re depriving yourself of the amazing feeling of creation, of making something that is yours and yours alone. You’ll undoubtedly love and care for the baby you’ve created more than the baby you stole from the grocery store.”
(insight credited to Stefan Sagemeister via Jessica Hische)
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Halloween Custom Orders & Shipping Info FAQ

Circus Bird mask © Andrea Adams 2010

When is last date to order a custom piece for Halloween?
As of this writing, the last day to order a completely custom mask or accessory in time for Halloween 2012 is September 28th. That may sound early, but it ensures that I’ll have enough time to complete your piece, take photos, make changes if necessary and get it shipped to you in time for the festivities!

What if I need it now?
I try to keep a good assortment of masks in stock and ready to ship. This is your best bet if you’re in a hurry.

Can I get it in a different color?
The “made to order” section features a few of my standard designs that can be crafted at your request, and I am happy to paint these in the color(s) of your choice. Please allow 2-4 weeks creation time before it will ship. 

How long will it take to arrive?
I ship within 48 hours of payment (typically sooner). US orders for costume items ship via priority mail, and I use  first class mail for international orders. If you need it faster than this, please let me know so that we can discuss shipping upgrades. Here are the approximate transit times:

 * International 1st Class Mail typically takes 10-30 days, depending on the country.

* Priority Mail usually takes 2-3 days within the US, and 7-10 days internationally. 

* Express Mail takes 24 hours within the US, and 1-3 business days internationally.

Please note that these are guidelines. Express mail is the only option that will give you a guaranteed delivery date.

What if I missed the ordering deadline — can you rush order a custom design?
Possibly. It just depends on how booked I am, and how quickly you need it. Rush orders will incur a 20% surcharge. That goes double if you’re rude or nasty about it 😉

I hope this info helps! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me… and, in case this post is not clear enough: My schedule is filling up very fast this year.  I will continue to restock my Etsy shop through the end of October with lots of new and unique designs, but if you hope to CUSTOM ORDER a special mask or costume accessory in time for Halloween, please contact me ASAP!


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We Have a Winner!

photo courtesy of Priya Alahan

My recent giveaway ended on August 31st. Congratulations to Mary M of New Jersey, who won one of my leather “spriteling” masks in the color combination of her choice (shown here in cobalt and aqua). Many thanks to all who entered!

I’d also like to give a HUGE thank you to Priya Alahan for this beautiful photo! I’ll be sharing more of her work in the coming week(s).