Black Leather Crown with Stripey Purple Antennae


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Sculpted leather crown with twisted purple antennae

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SOLD – click here to see my current selection of leather crowns

This one of a kind leather costume crown has a deliciously spooky vibe … hand sculpted from premium tooling leather, and painted midnight black with electric purple accents. The outer edges of the crown taper out in to a series of twisted horns or spikes, with two longer antennae or horns at the center. The forehead is embellished with black Venetian lace, faceted glass, and a vintage metal filigree with a single black lava rock bead at the very center.

This headpiece is a frontal facade, meaning that the leatherwork frames the area around your face, rather than going all the way around the head. It ties on like a mask, using gorgeous and durable stretch elastic ties. It can be worn across the top of the head, or lower down on the forehead. Measurements are approximately 14″ wide, by 8″ tall at the widest and tallest points.

Note that my mannequin’s head proportions are a bit wonky – her face is much taller and more narrow than a real person’s, and her head is tilted at an odd angle. With that said, the fit will be more flattering on an actual human.

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 6 in