Blood Moon Eclipse Garnet Pendant Necklace


Blood moon eclipse pendant necklace

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This “Blood Moon” necklace was inspired by January’s eclipse. Garnet is the birthstone for the month of January, and also for the astrological sign of aquarius. Old folklore around this stone claims that it’s healing to the heart, as well as a protective talisman for travelers. Perhaps due to its deep red color, garnet was believed to attract love and devotion.

While I can’t promise that any of those stories will hold true for you, it’s definitely a pretty piece of jewelry that is sure to draw attention!

It features an artisan crafted crescent moon, made of black horn. The moon is accented with a vintage Swarovski chaton in deep red garnet, set in a beaded bezel of nickel plated “heavy metal” seed beads. At the center is a large genuine garnet bead, flowing down to a waterfall of Swarovski crystal and garnet fringe.

The hand sewn beadwork is comprised of “heavy metal” seed beads, which are rare and unusual brass seed beads, plated with silver. The leather neckline can be tied at your desired length, anywhere from 15″ to 24″


✭ Pendant measures about 1.25″ wide x 3″ high.
✭ Leather neckline is adjustable from about 15″ – 24″
✭ Hand crafted using a vintage Swarovski stone, genuine garnet beads, an artisan carved crescent moon made of black horn, heavy metal seed beads, and black leather

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × .25 in