Blue Kyanite and Sterling Silver Beaded Gemstone Layering Necklaces

Blue kyanite layering necklaces


These beaded gemstone layering necklaces showcase a range of cool blue stones, accented with sterling silver. Each strand uses gorgeous high quality stones, including blue kyanite, lapis lazuli, blue apatite and microfaceted aquamarine.

Wear a single strand for a simple minimalist look with a pop of color, or layer multiple strands for a richly textured bohemian vibe!


✭ Adjustable from 16″ – 26″
✭ Handcrafted with glass seed beads, premium quality gemstones, and hand dyed silk laces.

These necklaces are sold separately. Use the drop down menu to select a single strand or pair. Strand A is the simpler of the two, Strand B showcases a blue kyanite point pendant.


Apatite – this stone is said to correspond to the throat chakra, facilitating expression, public speaking, and self confidence

Aquamarine – legends about this stone connect it to the sea god, Neptune. As such, it was said that aquamarine could help to calm stormy seas and protect seafaring travelers. As such, it was dubbed “the sailor’s gem”.

Blue Kyanite – this is another stone that is said to correspond to the throat chakra. Some believe that it helps to aid communication, encouraging the wearer to speak their truth.

Lapis Lazuli – was prized by ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece, and Rome. This stone has long been a symbol of wealth, status, and wisdom.

✫ I share these old tales out of a love of folklore and storytelling, they’re not intended as medical or spiritual advice. Believe it if you need it, if you don’t just pass it on ♥

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1 in
Strand Choice

Strand A (simpler), Strand B (with blue kyanite focal bead pendant), PAIR of strands A & B