Carnelian & Amber Beaded Gemstone Layering Necklaces

Carnelian & amber beaded necklaces


These elegant beaded necklaces showcase carnelian agate in varying shades and shapes. At the center of each strand is a single baltic amber bead. The necklines are made of beautiful hand dyed silk with a slide bead closure that allows you to adjust the length as you like.

Wear a single strand for a striking minimalist vibe, or layer them together for a richly textured look. However you style them, these gorgeous stone strands will add a pop of color and beauty to any outfit!


✭ Adjustable from 16″ – 26″
✭ Handcrafted with glass seed beads, premium quality gemstones, and hand dyed silk laces.

These necklaces are sold separately. Use the drop down menu to select a single strand or pair. Strand A has a slightly smaller amber bead at the center, whilst strand B has a slightly larger amber focal bead.


Amber – is technically not a stone, it’s the hardened resin of ancient trees. It has been prized by cultures across the globe as a symbol of the sun and nature. It is seen as a symbol of wealth, joy, courage, wisdom, and power.

Carnelian Agate – since ancient times, carnelian has been said to be a stone of good luck and good health. It has been associated with blood and vitality, and seen as a symbol of courage and passion.

✫ I share these old tales out of a love of folklore and storytelling, they’re not intended as medical or spiritual advice. Believe it if you need it, if you don’t just pass it on ♥

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1 in
Strand Choice

Strand A with smaller amber center bead, Strand B with larger amber center bead, PAIR of strands A & B