Copper Wire Hair Stick with Purple Amethyst & Titanium Quartz Crystals


Purple gemstone hair stick

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This purple gemstone hair stick has a magical vibe that’s equally well suited for dressing up or every day wear! It’s a lovely gift for your favorite crystal collector.


✭ Approximately 8.5″ total, with a usable length of 6.75″
✭ Copper wire hairstick, rainbow moonstone, rutilated quartz, aura quartz

My friend at The Crow Cottage crafted the hammered copper wire hairstick, and I added the wirework and gemstone embellishments.

The stones include genuine amethyst, and raw quartz crystal points with a fantastical purple titanium coating. This coating gives the points a metallic purple hue, with iridescent violet and amber tones in the light. The metallic wash gets in to all of the cracks and crevices of these rough, organic points in a way that brings depth and beauty to their flaws and imperfections.

It measures just over 8.5″ from tip to tip. The usable length of the hair stick is about 6.75″, and the spiral topper adds another 1.75″

Some of the photos show multiple sticks from this little collection. This listing is for the purple one only.

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Weight3 oz
Dimensions9 × 3 × 1 in