Electric Purple Dragon Crown


Tooled leather headdress in vibrant purple

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This tooled leather headdress is vibrantly colored and rich in detail. The scaly design is evocative of dragons or serpents, whilst still being fairly open ended. It would work beautifully for a fantasy costume, or even as a dance headpiece!


✭ Measures approximately 7″ h x 13″ w at the highest and widest points.
✭ Ties (like a mask) with gorgeous and durable stretch lace ribbon straps.
✭ Hand crafted using leather, dye, paint, vintage glass cabochon, seed beads, Venetian lace, and ribbon ties.

Premium leather was hand cut, tooled and sculpted, then dyed, painted and then sealed with a protective top coat. The color is an electric purple, with pops of iridescent violet and hints of indigo.

The forehead is adorned with purple Venetian lace and a hand beaded eye. The “eyeball” is a vintage glass rose cabochon in iridescent color shifting shades of purple and blue.

The leather work does not go all the way around your head and it ties on – like a mask – using gorgeous and durable stretch elastic ties.

✭ These photos make this headpiece look especially big and tall. That’s because my mannequin has a really odd shaped head. The fit is far more flattering on a real human! The last 2 photos show a similar crown in blue and black. The purple crown in this listing is a wee bit smaller than the blue one, and does not have horns or spikes. Still, the leather portion of the blue crown is similarly sized, and should give a general idea of the fit.

Design © 2020 Andrea Adams/Beadmask


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