Leather Luna Moth Hair Slide Barrette with Boulder Opal & Venetian Lace


Leather luna moth barrette with boulder opal

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This leather luna moth barrette is whimsical and colorful. It showcases a gorgeous boulder open cabochon with flashy play of light effects. It’s a miniature work of wearable art for your hair!

The jewel toned color palette features iridescent colors that are far more vibrant and complex than these photos suggest. Hues include shimmering shades of emerald green, purple, violet, white, bronze and gold.

At the center is a stunning boulder opal cabochon, resting on a bit of Venetian lace. The cab is set in a hand sewn bezel of glass seed beads. The stone glows with color flashes or green, pink and purple when the light hits. These color effects were quite difficult to capture in the pictures, but I think you’ll be delighted when you see it in person!

The leather moth was created from premium tooling leather, which was cut, carved, tooled and painted before being sealed with a protective top coat.

This barrette has a medium hole spacing, which means that it will hold a medium sized section of hair. If your hair is rather fine, it might hold it all up in a bun. If your hair is especially long or thick, this piece will probably work better for half up styles, twists, or partial updos.


✭ Measure about 5.25″ wide by 4.25″ high at the highest and widest points.
✭ Holes are spaced about 3.5″ apart, which is a medium spacing. If your hair is especially long or thick, it may work best for half up styles.
✭ Fastens with a 7.5″ copper wire spiral hair stick, handcrafted by The Crow Cottage.
✭ Hand crafted using tooling leather, dye, acrylic paint, sealant, Venetian lace, a boulder opal cabochon, glass seed beads and copper wire.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × .5 in

Emerald – Jewel Tones, Olive – Earthy Hues


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