Faceted Amethyst and Sterling Silver Drop Earrings


Faceted amethyst and blue goldstone, wrapped with sterling silver wire.

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I combined faceted amethyst, blue goldstone and sterling silver to create these beautiful semiprecious stone dangle earrings. The faceted teardrop briolettes at the bottom are a fabulously dark purple, and the larger faceted amethyst beads are just a shade darker. The deep blue goldstone beads at the center provide nice contrast, and they sparkle like mad. At the top of each gemstone stack is a single faceted chevron amethyst bead, with pale bands of white.

The wire work is all sterling silver, as are the shepherd’s hook earring wires. The earrings hang just shy of 2.5″ total, or a little under 2″ from the base of the earlobe.

They’re extremely light weight (about 6 grams total) and they swing beautifully when you move.

Amethyst Folklore: amethyst has been ascribed many “powers” over the years, which I’ll share below. I always find this kind of folklore very interesting, but I’ll leave it to you to decide what to make of it. It should go without saying that this information is not intended as medical advice.

Amethyst was believed to protect the wearer from drunkenness, and many still say that the stone is helpful in overcoming addiction. Other archaic uses include warding off headaches and pain, hearing problems and sleep disorders.

It is believed to soften the wearer, making them more gentle and peaceable. Other mythic benefits ascribed to this stone include: sweet dreams, courage, psychic protection, strengthening of intuition and spirituality, protection from thieves and drunkenness, promotes peace and healing.


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