Ravenheart – Labradorite Raven Necklace


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Ravens and crows are celebrated  – and vilified – in myth and folklore around the world. In the Pacific Northwest, Native people celebrate the raven as a benevolent bringer of light who takes pity upon mankind. Some North American tribes view these birds as tricksters, and others fear them as dark spies. In Celtic mythology, the Morrigan is a battle goddess who takes the form of a crow, and in Norse myth, the great God Odin keeps a pair of ravens as companions and advisors.

Regardless of which folklore you prefer, there is no denying that these birds are as beautiful as they are intelligent.  They’re abundant here in Washington state, and they have always inspired and amused me. This beautiful handmade necklace celebrates and honors these mythic birds.

The raven’s body  has a subtle heart shape, which was hand crafted from premium tooling leather. The leather was cut, tooled, dyed and painted in rich black with iridescent highlights of green and blue. At the center is a gorgeous labradorite cabochon with pretty blue flash, set in a hand sewn bezel of glass seed beads. The pendant is edged with black glass seed beads and a single faceted labradorite drop, and it measures about 2.5″ high by 1.5″ wide at the highest and widest points.

The neckline is comprised of a black metal chain, accented with rainbow obsidian, labradorite, kyanite and lava rock. It’s adjustable from 16″ to 18″, and it fastens with an antique silver S hook clasp.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 in