Purple Leather Feather and Titanium Quartz Crystal Earrings


Purple leather feather earrings with titanium quartz

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These leather  feather earrings feature bold jewel tones. The base color is coal black, with a wash of iridescent cobalt blue on one side and iridescent violet on the other side. The color is sealed with a water resistant top coat.

The feathers are accented with two tumbled titanium quartz crystal points. Because they are tumbled, the edges of the crystals have a soft, rounded look. The titanium coating gives them an iridescent sheen that lends flashes of blue, green and amber depending on the lighting. The crystals dangle from metal wire in metallic purple.

They’re accented with gunmetal bead caps with a fabulous spiral design, as well as faceted crystal beads in iridescent purple and black. The earwires are oxidized sterling silver, and the overall length is about 3.5″. They’ll hang about 3″ from the earlobe.

As with all of my leather craft, these pieces are created using high quality materials and over 25 years of leather working skill. Beauty and quality craftsmanship are important to me, so I don’t do “quick and dirty” work; I patiently design, carve, shape, dye, paint and seal each piece. This is more time consuming than other methods, but the end result is a handmade work of wearable art that you can be proud to gift or cherish for years to come.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 1 in