Owl & Moonstone Beaded Leather Necklace


Owl and Moonstone leather necklace with opal and quartz

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This mixed media “Owl and Moonstone” statement necklace is a must for any owl lover! It’s a beautiful and symbolic piece of wearable art that combines leather craft, beadwork and wirework.


✭ Pendant measures approximately 3″ long by 1.75″ wide at the tallest and widest points.
✭ Neckline is adjustable from 15″ on up to 25.5″, so you can wear it like a choker or dangling low.
✭ There’s a 7″ stretch of the neckline that can be unclasped and worn separately as a bracelet
✭ The necklace and bracelet fasten with lobster claw clasps in antique copper.
✭ The owl is backed with soft deerskin leather.
✭ Materials include: tooling leather, acrylic paint, sealant, glass seed beads, Ethiopian welo opal, Mexican jelly opal, moonstone, bone, copper, rutilated quartz, chain.

The pendant features a hand carved leather pendant of an owl in flight. The owl is set in a hand sewn beaded bezel of glass seed beads in shades of matte copper, bronze and sand. Dangling from her wingtip is a faceted Ethiopian Welo Opal teardrop briolette, accented with a single faceted Mexican jelly opal bead.

The neckline is accented with white and pink moonstone beads, as well as bone, copper, and rutilated quartz on an antique copper chain. The chain is adjustable from 15″ on up to 25.5″, so you can wear it up high like a choker or dangling low. A section of the neckline can be detached and worn as a bracelet. It’s an extremely versatile piece, with many options for how to wear it.

✫ Folkloric properties:

Owl: as nocturnal beings, owls are often associated with the moon and the night, as well as dreams, femininity and intuition. Owls are associated with the goddess Athena, and they’re believed to represent wisdom and female warrior energy. Other superstitions and stories consider the owl a messenger, often associated with death and the afterlife.

Moonstone: believed to symbolize the moon and motherhood, benefits new beginnings, and fosters intuition and success.

Opal: the October birthstone is said to contain the fire of the human spirit. Some cultures saw it as a symbol of hope, while others believed that it could impart beauty to the wearer.

Rutilated Quartz: is said to be “an illuminator for the soul”, balancing worries and protecting the wearer from negativity. This stone is believed to assist with letting go.

Bone: because bone is earthy and organic, some say it corresponds to vitality, strength and life force.

Copper: is said to facilitate mental agility and quick wit, conducting energy and assisting communication and synchronicity.

✫ This lore is shared from a love of myth and storytelling; it’s not intended as medical or spiritual advice. Believe it if you need it, if you don’t just pass it on ♥

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