Monarch Butterfly Necklace with Sunstone and Amber

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Leather monarch butterfly necklace with semiprecious stones.


SOLD – click here to see my current selection of necklaces

This beautiful monarch butterfly necklace was created to celebrate our pollinator species. It was hand crafted from premium tooling leather, and accented with semiprecious stones and collectible glass beads.

The wings are made of leather, which was hand carved and painted to resemble the pattern of a monarch butterfly. The colors are orange and black, with specks of white, and the paint has a slight iridescent shimmer.

The body is comprised of a shimmering sunstone bead with a single Victorian era “French jet” leaf. It is backed with soft black garment leather, and accented with a single row of black glass seed beads around the outside edges.

The neckline combines vintage Baltic amber, black glass flowers, carnelian agate, and faceted crystal on a black metal chain. The length is adjustable from about 16″ on up to 18″. The photos with the mannequin give an idea of how it will hang when worn at the shortest and longest lengths, though there are also a few settings in between.

If you look through my gallery of past necklaces, you’ll notice that butterflies are a recurrent theme in my work – partly because they’re beautiful, partly because I love their symbolism of transformation. Another reason that butterflies appear in my work is that our pollinator species are declining; my butterfly jewelry serves as a symbol of hope and prayer that these creatures will survive and even thrive.

These pieces are intended to be beautiful as well as spiritual – I hope that when you wear them, you’ll be reminded of how important our pollinator species are, and that this reminder will inspire you to make choices that will help their survival. When people notice and comment on your necklace (and they will!) I hope you’ll tell them about the inspiration behind it. In this way, we can raise awareness and support for our beautiful – and invaluable – pollinator species.

A portion of this sale will be donated to the Xerces Society, a non profit organization that works to protect pollinator species and their habitat.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in