Red Jasper and Quartz Crystal Earrings


red jasper and quartz crystal earrings

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These earthy gemstone dangle earrings showcase natural red jasper and clear quartz crystal points. They have a casual bohemian style that is easygoing and elegant.


✭ Measure about 3.5″ long total, or a little over 3″ from the base of the earlobe.
✭ Hand crafted using red jasper, desert jasper, quartz crystal, and antique copper colored wire and hooks.

Red jasper, faceted tiger eye, and desert jasper adorn these earthy quartz crystal drop earrings. The crystals swing beautifully as you move. The wire and earring hooks have an “antique copper” color, which is a specialty coating over brass.

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Weight2 oz
Dimensions3.5 × 1 × .25 in