Shimmering Blue Morpho Butterfly Barrette


Blue leather butterfly barrette

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This leather butterfly barrette was loosely inspired by the color patterns of the blue morpho butterfly. This piece would make a wonderful gift for a gardener, or outdoor enthusiast; since butterflies are often seen as symbols for change and transformation, it would also make a special present for someone who has experienced a major life change or new beginning that they’d like to celebrate 🙂


✭ Measures about 3″ high x 4.25″ wide, at the highest and widest points.
✭ Fastens with a small – medium sized 2.75″ French clip with the signature “Made in France” logo stamped on the back.
✭ Hand crafted using top quality tooling leather, dye, artist grade acrylics, black metal filigree, and a French clip barrette.

The piece was entirely hand crafted using premium tooling leather, which was hand cut, carved, dyed and painted before being sealed with a protective top coat. The colors are a blend of iridescent blues, ranging from pale aqua to sapphire and deep indigo, accented with black. The shimmering colors are (far!) more vibrant than my photos suggest.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × .5 in