Smoky Quartz Crystal Tower with Sparkling Rainbows


Pale golden smoky quartz crystal tower

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This beautiful smoky quartz crystal specimen would make a lovely addition to a rock collection! It can also be used a meditation tool, or simply as beautiful boho home decor. However you use it, I hope that it makes you smile!


✭ Approximately 3.25″ h x 1.75″ w at the highest and widest points
✭ Weighs about 218 grams

This is a free standing smoky quartz crystal point from Brazil. The color is a pale translucent brown. These photos show it in varying lighting conditions, showing hues of soft brown to almost golden brown.

It has a smooth polish, with minor imperfections typical of natural material. This stone has beautiful internal fractures that create rainbows and mirrored sparkles when the light hits.

✫ Scientific factoids ~ according to Wikipedia, smoky quartz is a silicon dioxide crystal. The smoky colour results from free silicon formed from the silicon dioxide by natural irradiation.

✫ Folkloric properties ~ smoky quartz is said to be a calming stone that helps the user to process anxiety and stress. It corresponds to the root chakra, neutralizing and absorbing negative energy into the earth. Smoky quartz is the national gem of Scotland, where the ancient Celts called it “Morion”.

✭ Folkloric info is shared from a love of myth and storytelling. Believe it if you need it, if you don’t just pass it on.

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Weight 8 oz
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