Titanium Pink Moonstone & Sterling Silver Teardrop Earrings


Sterling Silver & Faceted Moonstone Earrings

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These gemstone dangle earrings feature a pair of faceted pink moonstone teardrops, which have been treated with a titanium coating that lends a subtle and gorgeous silvery sheen. The stones were wrapped in sterling silver wire, and accented with small spirals.

The pair shown here is representative of the style and quality that you’ll receive, though each pair will have minor variances due to the fact that they’re handcrafted using natural materials. They’re about 1.25″ long total, or about .75″ from the base of the earlobe.

The earring hooks are also sterling silver.

*Folkloric properties:

Moonstone is said to be a stone for new beginnings. Pink moonstone is believed to sooth the heart and promote loving energies.

*I share these bits of folklore because I love myth and storytelling, but I make no claim as to their authenticity. You are free to believe them – or not – as you see fit. Maybe they have mystical energies, and maybe they’re just pretty rocks – totally up to you 🙂


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Dimensions 2 × 2 × .5 in