Wearable Leather Butterfly Wings


Wearable art costume wings

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These wearable leather costume wings are far more vibrant than pictured! The design was inspired by the way that butterflies swarm, creating giant masses of fluttering beauty and color. These wings were handcrafted using multiple layers of premium tooling leather and artist quality acrylic paint. The leather was hand carved and sculpted, then painted in shimmering hues of orange, green, white, gold, black, pale blue and rose. The color is sealed with a water resistant (not water proof!) top coat, and the leather layers are secured and accented with black metal rivets.

You can secure them in one of two ways: “backpack style” using straps that tie over the shoulder, or via a detachable wire brace that slips down into the back of a corset or bra strap, allowing you to go strapless. They measure about 25″ wide by 17″ high at the highest and widest points. The size is impressive enough to make a statement, but small enough that you can still move comfortably through a crowded club or festival. They’re surprisingly lightweight, at about 14 oz (the wire brace will add a few ounces more).

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Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 28.0 × 19.0 × 3 in