Woodland Green Leather Bird Mask


green leather mask with featherwork accents

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This sculpted leather mask features fine feather work details to accent the eyes. It has an an abstract leaf or bird-like shape that works nicely with a variety of characters or themes (woodland, faerie, bird, druid, dryad, etc. ). The primary color is a rich hunter green that fades out to iridescent tones at the outer edges. The feathers are a mix of shimmering peacock and pheasant feathers.

It measures about 10″ wide by 4″ high, and it ties with gorgeous and durable stretch lace straps.

One of the photos shows this style of mask being worn by a human. The mask in that picture was sold long ago, but I’ve included the image in order to give you a better idea of the size and scale of this piece. Note that the mask that the woman is wearing has a beak, but the one in this listing does not.

The last few photos show this mask next to a very similar design in shades of bronze and brown. The two masks are sold separately, but they’d make a lovely pair. You can find the bronze one here.

Mask design © 2009 -2017 Andrea Adams/Beadmask

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 10 x 4 x 3 in