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Celebrate Your People

leather raven headdress

We’ve been social distancing since early March. Honestly, this has not been much of a stretch for me. I’m an introverted artist who works from my home studio at the edge of the woods. Social distancing is kind of my natural state.

Still, I miss my family and friends. A LOT. I miss hugs and road trips, live music, and making travel plans. Not looking for a pity party – I know that I’m not unique in this. Still, I’m missing my people pretty hard. 

With that said, for the next – however long I feel like it – I’m going to devote weekly social media posts to celebrating the folks who bolster my heart. This includes family, friends, and customers, too. All the freaky people who inspire me, make me laugh, or empower me to keep chasing my dreams.

First up is my beautiful daughter, who I miss with every ounce of my heart. For the last several years, she’s been living on the other side of the world. The distance is trying in the best of times, and exponentially so with today’s uncertainty.

Here she is modeling one of my costume headpieces, probably 6 or 7 years ago. I really miss when she was close enough that I could still beg her to come model silly hats for me. I miss her brilliant mind, her dorky laugh, and her (surprisingly good) vegan cooking.

If you’re so inclined, I’d ask you to please send a little prayer her way. A kind thought, a good vibe – whatever you’ve got. I’ll be over here, hoping for you and your loved ones too. May we all return to laughing, hugging, dancing and road tripping real soon.

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Social Distancing & Creativity

We’re adjusting to this whole social distancing thing, and I hope the same is true for you and yours! May this update find you healthy, safe, and sane 🙂

When this shift began, I told myself that I’d just hunker down with my beads and my seeds, and do my best to create and grow my way through this whole experience. While that’s still the ideal, it seems that my muse (and my focus!) are currently MIA.

At first, I was angry with myself about this. I should be “using this time productively” and “finishing all those projects”! Now I’m just breathing through those expectations, and letting them go. Seeds are planted, and I’ve got creative projects on the table. More importantly, everyone that I love is still upright, and adapting.

My creative work is happening slowly, and I’ve decided to just go easy on myself, and accept that. I hope you’re all cutting yourselves a bit of slack right now too… you don’t HAVE to start a new project, or knock out all of those chores. Just breathe. Love your people, stay human, stay home, and be well.