Fantasy Raven Feather Hair Slide


Fantastical feather hair slide in black with iridescent blue and purple accents.

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This leather feather barrette is an affordable and unique gift for your favorite long hair (and yes, it is perfectly acceptable for YOU to be your favorite long haired person!). It’s painted in my signature half and half style, with a black base with one side washed in shimmering purple and the other side in brilliant indigo.

It fastens with a black wood stick that measures about 6″ long. The hole spacing is about 3.5″ apart, which is a medium size. Those of you with especially long or thick hair will be able to enjoy it as a ponytail holder, or for holding up smaller sections of hair. It would also make a lovely shawl pin.

Please note that the one in the photos has sold. Your barrette will be of the same style, colors and quality, but since it is handcrafted, there will be minor differences from one to the next.


Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 3 in