Contemporary Mourning Collar


Contemporary beaded mourning collar.


This one of a kind bead embroidered collar was inspired by Victorian mourning jewelry. It is entirely hand sewn, and expertly crafted to be an heirloom piece. At the center is a 1960’s vintage glass cameo, which is surrounded by extremely rare and unusual French jet beads/sew ons from my collection. “French jet” is actually black glass, and sew on (or “nailhead”) beads such as these were manufactured for the garment industry in the late 1800’s on through the 1920’s. This collar showcases several particularly unusual cuts and shapes, such as hexagons and leaves; it also makes use of “newer” faceted glass cabochons from the 1960’s. These are surrounded with contemporary glass seed beads in a variety of sizes and finishes, which lend texture and depth to the piece. The collar is also studded with Swarovski lead crystal beads, which add a gorgeous sparkle. These beads, along with faceted Czech glass, are also found in the neckline.

The centerpiece measures approximately 6″ wide by 6.5″ high, and the neckline is about 20″ all together. It fastens with a hand beaded clasp with a vintage glass button toggle. Please note that some of the French jet beads do show wear, which is typical for glass of this age. To my eye, this adds to the beauty and character of the piece.


Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 20 × 6 × .75 in